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What Is Bathmate?

Bathmate is a water-based penis pump designed and developed in the UK, 250% more efficient than traditional pumps that use air. Bathmates utilize the power of water to create a negative compressive power (suction power) to train the penis to make it tighter, harder, and always in top condition.

More than a million Bathmate pumps have been sold and used by many men to increase their length and thickness, now recommended in more than 70 countries in the World.

This water-based penis pump is made from military-grade material that has been tested and confirmed to be safe for the skin in sensitive areas such as the penis. Has passed the test and was declared safe for the skin by the Aspen Clinic and PCR.

Simply by using it 15 minutes every day while taking a shower, you will see real results, even when you first use it, the temporary results will immediately appear, the size looks bigger and harder.

Bathmate has also won several awards, details see at https://www.hydrobathmate.com

Is Bathmate Works?

Using one of these Bathmate pumps really can't be easier than that. Simply fill the cylinder of the penis with water, and then you slide your penis into it until the base of the pump comes to rest against your pubic bone. You then pump your pubic bone again to create suction. Every time you pump it, some water is released through the valve at the front end, and the suction increases. After adequate suction has been reached, simply lie down and relax, while your Bathmate does all the work.

Bathmate Models

Bathmate have three different models, that is Hydro Series, these pump is perfect for beginners user, the second model is HydroMax is perfect for intermediate user because this pump have 35% more power than the original Hydro Series, and the last model and development is HydroXtreme Series, this pump is the super power pump, have unlimited suction power made by hand ball pump, more comfort and easy to use, these hydro pump come with complete accessories.

Why Buy From Us?

We has been import with huge unit, and selling all Bathmate products with package promo, all our package will be include Bathmate Maxout and Shower Strap for free.

Its Genuine Hydropump?

Yes, we sell the genuine products with PID code, that code can be register on main / manufacturer site on bathmatedirectdotcom, after purchasing and receive your hydro pump, you can check on the pump tube, precisely in the measuring section at the bottom there is a code that you can register.

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